Medical Lab Technician

Since 1988, Anderson College has helped thousands of Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician Diploma Program graduates find rewarding careers in medical labs, hospitals, clinics, medical offices and much more. Let us do the same for you!

Throughout the program, you'll learn to perform key lab procedures, including preparing specimens for testing and collecting blood, tissue and other samples. You'll get hands-on training in the use of microscopes, cell counters and other lab equipment, including the automated equipment and computerized instruments that perform tests simultaneously. Courses in patient care, administrative duties and laboratory safety allow you to graduate from the program with the skills and confidence required in your new career.

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Our Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician Diploma Program also includes:
  • Flexible class schedules that allow you to balance your school and life commitments
  • Access to peer-to-peer tutoring, ESL classes and personalized instruction in a supportive learning environment
  • Assistance from financial advisors who will personally explore financing options with you
  • Placement assistance, interview techniques and resume-writing services that help you always make a great first impression
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